Terms of Service

saveig Before using our website or application, please carefully read these Terms of Service (ToS). In order to provide our valued customers with the highest level of satisfaction, our Terms of Service may occasionally change to keep up with changes to our application and website.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

To ensure that you have read the most recent version, please check the update time at the top of the Terms of Service on a regular basis. Acceptance of the Terms of Service By accessing and using our website and application, you agree to our policy and ToS, including the most recent versions. Please do not use our website or application if you disagree with any of the content.

Our Terms of Service (Our ToS) are an agreement between you

either an individual or an organization (You or User) or a group of individuals or organizations (You or Users)—and saveig , the company that makes saveig products and services, regarding how saveig products and services should be used. By accessing or using saveig products and services, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and accepted our Terms of Service, and that as a User (Users), you agree to abide by them.

Materials related to our services

saveig creates and develops content, information, graphics, documents, text, products, and all other elements and services offered through the saveig App and Web (collectively referred to as “Content” or “Materials”) that can be used for your own personal use for no cost, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. You agree to abide by our Terms of Service as a User (Users) of our Content and Materials by accessing and using the saveig .

Users’ Obligations

In addition, you agree to be bound by and accept our Terms of Service and all terms and conditions contained in or referred to herein. Users’ Obligations You agree to use the saveig App and Web, as well as the saveig Products and Services, only for the purposes permitted by our Terms of Service and any applicable laws, rules, or generally accepted practices in the relevant jurisdictions. The purpose of our tools is to assist you in downloading videos and images from your own account. If you use our tools to violate the privacy and content of others, we reserve the right to refuse to provide our service. If you or a third party at your direction violate any applicable laws, rules, or regulations, saveig is not responsible. In particular, you agree and warrant that your use of the saveig App and Web, as well as the saveig Products and Services, does not violate the laws, rules, or regulations of either the nation, state, or locality in which you reside or the nation, state, or locality in which saveig is located or operates.

Trademark Laws

Issue with Trademarks saveig abides by trademark laws and regulations and respects trademark rights. saveig is the owner of the trademark saveig, which should only be used in connection with our services, the saveig . It should be read as a single word that doesn’t mention anyone other than saveig. Please adhere to our policy when referring to, utilizing, or mentioning our Services, saveig Content and Materials: Utilize the specific configuration saveig™ as a word with practically no space, division, detachment among its constituent parts or in some other variations. If you don’t belong tosaveig, don’t ever use our trademark saveig or get it mixed up with anything else, including applications, websites, products, or services of other people or organizations. We reserve our rights regarding the use, misrepresentation, and infringement of our trademark saveig. We encourage and thank you for letting us know about any suspected misuse, misrepresentation, infringement, or noncompliance so that we can deal with it appropriately.


Problem with Copyright saveig abides by copyright laws and regulations and treats copyrights with respect. Clients are answerable for the substance you use with (the connection you glue on) saveig Application and Web. For the users’ legitimate interests, saveig offers support for downloading information and content that users paste into the saveig. We only display content that users have posted on service or social network providers’ websites, pages, or networks “as is.” It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they have the legal right to post the content and protect their intellectual property rights in accordance with applicable laws. Video downloaded via the saveig is only used for personal, non-commercial, and free purposes by users. In the event that it discovers a violation, saveig reserves the right to prohibit users from accessing and making use of the saveig Products and Services. For whatever reason, saveig does not archive or back up user content. We encourage and thank you for letting us know about any suspected misuse, misrepresentation, unauthorized use, infringement, or non-compliance so that we can deal with it appropriately.


License to Use We grant our users permission to temporarily download one copy of the Content and Materials (as outlined above) on the saveig and Web for personal, non-commercial viewing. This is not a transfer of title; rather, it is a license, and you are not permitted to: Distribute, modify, or duplicate the Materials; Use the Content and Materials for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, including public display; Eliminate all copyright and other proprietary markings from the Materials and Content; or “mirror” the content and materials on any other server or transfer the content and materials to a different individual.


We operate the saveig App and Web in accordance with our established principles to guarantee that personal information, including that of our users, is kept confidential and not disclosed to any third parties for any reason.

Disclaimer : The saveig and Web Content and Materials are provided “as is.” All other warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of intellectual property or other rights, are hereby excluded and negated by saveig. In addition, saveig does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the reliability, accuracy, likely outcomes, or other aspects of the use of the Content and Materials on its website or on any sites linked to it.

Accuracy of the Content and Materials

The saveig and Web Content and Materials may contain photographic, typographical, or technical errors. The accuracy, completeness, or up-to-dateness of the Content and Materials is not guaranteed by saveig. Without prior notice, saveig reserves the right to modify the materials and content on its website at any time. Links saveig is not responsible for the content of any websites that are linked to its website. saveig does not endorse the website in any way by including a link. Users assume all responsibility for their use of any linked website.

Modifications to the Site Terms of Use

saveig may modify these Terms of Service at any time by providing notice through any of the following channels: through a post on the website’s main page, when you log in to your User Account (as defined below), or via email to the address you provided when you set it up. On top of the terms, we always add information about the most recent version of the Terms of Service. As a result, before using our website or service, you are responsible for reading the most recent terms each time you access or use it, and you should also make sure you are fully aware of them. You are still responsible for adhering to these Terms of Service, as amended from time to time, even if you do not update or provide accurate contact information in your User Account. Utilizing contact subtleties or recognizable pieces of proof of others are not permitted and thought about extortion. If we discover fraud, we will immediately deactivate your account.

Privacy Statement for saveig Personal Identifiable Information

Users can visit the saveig in complete anonymity. We will only collect personal identification information from users if they voluntarily provide it to us, and we will never keep any identification information about our users. Users always have the option of refusing to provide personal identification details. However, if they agree to supply, they must provide complete and accurate self-identification information. Users’ false or incorrect information is not the responsibility of saveig. Users will be prevented from accessing and utilizing the saveig App, Web, and Services if we discover such incidents.


We accept advertisements (Ads) for non-commercial purposes on the saveig and Web to maintain and support our own research and development. Advertising partners may use cookies to deliver advertisements to users on the saveig. They will not track personal information about you, such as your name, email address, or physical address, and will only compile non-personal identification information about you or others who use your computer. Users of saveig are not required to accept the advertisements, so you can refuse to use the cookies or stop using our app and website at any time.

Updates to this privacy policy

saveig reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this policy at any time. We will notify you via the main saveig page and update the date at the top of this page when this occurs. To stay up to date on how we protect the personal information we collect, we encourage users to frequently check this page for changes. You agree that it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy on a regular basis and be aware of any changes.

Your voluntary acceptance of these terms

By accessing and using the saveig App and Web, you indicate that you accept the terms of this policy. If not, please refrain from utilizing our services. Your proceeded with utilization of the Administrations following the presenting of changes on this strategy will be considered your acknowledgment of those changes.